Our tableware is designed and hand-crafted in a small ceramic studio in Warsaw. Most of our products use pigmented stoneware clay, but you will also find works fired in the RAKU technique.

Design is usually a multi-step process involving many trials. To create the pattern for a single vessel, we perform a series of design, modelling and moulding tasks, and develop a meticulous production technology. This is all to bring you well designed and excellently crafted ceramics. We put great emphasis on quality and pay attention to detail. In our work, we strive for mastery.

Production trivia:

– the works shrink during the process, so they are initially much larger than the finished products,
– the temperature in our kiln is over 1200°C and, after we close it, we need to wait about 30 hours before it has cooled and can be opened again; a little less time in winter;
– it takes about 20 minutes for a skilled person to polish a single cup;
– the colour of our works results from the presence of ceramic pigment (a composition of metal oxides) in the entirety of ceramic material; only the inside of the vessel is glazed;
– thanks to vitrification of our ceramics, they are non-absorptive and durable; should human civilisation survive another few thousand years, fragments of our vessels may be found.

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